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Strategic Services

Strategy is about thinking ahead of the curve and continuously reviewing and reinventing. Enterprise Outsourcing focuses on IT strategy primarily; we assist our clients in building their IT capability, aligning it to the overall business strategy and then in executing.

The pressures of a weakening market affect and impact just about everyone. These conditions have caused many companies to rethink their priorities and focus on cost reduction efforts. At Enterprise Outsourcing we assist our clients in identifying non-value added processes and activities to effectively streamline the organization’s operations. Our approach balances technology, process, strategy and people, resulting in enhanced operational effectiveness, reduced costs and creating sustainable shareholder value.

Why Choose Enterprise Outsourcing?

We have the expertise, experience and innovative thinking to create technology and information solutions for even the most complex business issues. We place new technologies and today's most pressing strategy problems into a clear, definable context, and we help to shape and drive major investment programs to create or revitalize new technology-enabled business capability.

We offer:
  • 15years experience
  • Best Business Practices and Insight
  • Definitive strategy execution
  • Improved IT and network operations

We have more than 15 years experience in strategic services, making use of best business practices to help clients achieve their goals and become competitive worldwide. It’s a tough market, and businesses today need forward thinking individuals if they are to deliver on all levels and respond quickly to the critical challenges abound in a volatile business environment.

Specific Strategic Services Solutions


Business owners need to know where their business is going and what dictates this in their specific industry. Technology is constantly changing and this can change a lot about the way businesses do things. That’s why Enterprise Outsourcing helps business owners make informed decisions about their IT framework and processes. Which technology is best? Which system is best for my specific processes? How do I make my employees work more rewarding? How do I cut costs now and in the future while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in my IT department?

Our consulting team has over 15 years experience in the technology industry worldwide. We work closely with our executives and clients and provide professional advice and management service on a level that understands what you need and want. We make use of certain tools and software which we customize for our clients and we know what would be best to help your business grow.

With your needs put first, Enterprise Outsourcing strives to bring about a balance between IT and your work, so that your IT investment works for you. At Enterprise Outsourcing, consultancy is offered to help you cut costs now, gain long-term, value-added solutions and maximize your potential to compete. We help you manage your IT environment in the most effective way that works for you.

Office Automation

Enterprise Outsourcing has developed applications, programs and processes that regulate daily office tasks and help your company become more streamlined. Processes that were once scattered and time consuming become handled with ease through the correction of faults and elimination of unnecessary actions.

By combining expert development, installation and management skills with the latest technology, Enterprise Outsourcing helps you eliminate unnecessary processes from your business. Whether it’s creating systems that enable simple, easy filing of documentation and documentation integration or creating one place to store information or giving access to information to the necessary people, we strive to enable the streamlining and simplification of processes in the office.

We believe in freeing up time for your employees to get on with more important things for the business. When everyday objectives are attained quickly, simply and effectively, you’ll have more time to spend on extending your client database, follow up with customers and create new strategies with which you might enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Project Management

Project management is a word that many are familiar with, but what does it, or should it mean in the IT context? Here at Enterprise Outsourcing, we believe in dedication, attention to detail, project management experience and a desire to deliver the right product - the end result that you want. We strive to meet the criteria for speed, efficiency and effective installation with enthusiasm and vigor.

When a team is assigned to a project, from the very start we do everything we can to make our clients happy. We work closely with a business, assessing processes, the speed at which things happen and the gaps that need to be filled in order to meet the given criteria on the Road Map to success.

With a combined understanding of management, business and modern technology, you can rest assured that Enterprise Outsourcing provides IT Services in a league with the best in the world

HR Management

To make intelligent decisions today, organizations and managers must have instant access to fully integrated, up-to-the-minute information about all the aspects of their company's human resources. This is the compelling reason why Enterprise Outsourcing, a leader in application development, has developed the HR Application, "Webhelp".

"Webhelp" automates the entire recruit-to-retire process, so you can align your workforce with strategic objectives. "Webhelp" was developed to add value to your company by saving you time so that you can focus on your core competencies.

Benefits include – Ease of Use

A unified data model provides a single, accurate view of human resources-related activities, including recruiting, performance management, learning, compensation, and real time analytics.  With “Webhelp” architecture, you speed up implementation times, optimize performance, streamline support and maximize ROI.

Increased Efficiency

With people-related costs averaging over 60% of total corporate expenditures, leading firms have begun to pay increased attention to the contribution made by their workers and are developing a new model for HR.

This model includes programs to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the workforce. To be fully effective, these programs require new processes supported by leading technologies. This model is the ultimate goal of HR, regardless of company size, industry segment, or geography.

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